Drawing of tvuzk
Drawing of tvuzk
© Torstn Kauke (tvuzk)
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Torstn Kauke is a club operator, musician and freelance artist and lives with his family in Offenbach am Main. He started his artistic career in the late 1980s in the Hanau D.I.Y. scene with fanzines, punk bands and underground comics. He is a founding member of the artist group KiX and has released comics as "tvuzk" since the earliest editions of the cult booklet.

After the end of the KiX period, Kauke had largely withdrawn from the German comic scene and now sees himself more as a sound-word-and-sign artist for whom drawing comic strips, writing and recording a song or organizing and realizing social gatherings are just different tools of the same universal design program.

However, due to age, he became soft and nostalgic in 2019 and together with Rautie, he re-founded the KiX publishing house and now intends to draw more comics - or at least cartoons - in the future again.

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