rot-weißes Logo des KiX-Verlag
rot-weißes Logo des KiX-Verlag

Hospitalstr.2, 63450 Hanau
Tel.:06181 /507353

Hall BStand63

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KiX-Verlag from Hanau/Offenbach – originating from the punk underground in 1991 and originally active until 1996, KiX was revived in 2019. The small independent pressregularly publishes the KiX Comics magazine – an anthology of comics created by the artists of the KiX collective – and solo publications by the KiX artists. In addition to comics, KiX also publishes other media. For example a series of records, CDs and tapes presenting historical and recent recordings of bands and projects the KiX artists are involved in, which are released under the label "unpop media".