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Sebastian Stamm

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Sebastian Stamm was born in 1983 in Naila and grew up in the dark forests of Upper Franconia. He studied illustration and animation at the School of Arts and Design Kassel. Sebastian Stamm is co-founder of the award-winning indie game studio Black Pants Game Studio, where he works as an art director and illustrator. In his work, he combines illustration, sequential storytelling, and interactive media, such as computer games. Prior to following his passion for illustration and games, he worked as a geriatric nurse, cable  layer, youth club executive, co-founder of the Woodland Festival, and ANJS skateboards. He lives with his family in Berlin, where he works as a cartoonist and illustrator and teaches Game Art at the UE. Publications: "The Coal Manikins" (Rotopol, 2008), "The Daily Soup" (Rotopol, 2009), "Lescheks Flug" (Rotopol, 2013).