drawing of herrjoergritter
drawing of herrjoergritter
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Writing one's own biography is nerve-shreddingly boring, so here is just a bunch of biographical data that can be wiped at will on digital devices or stapled together in analog in an order that suits you:

Diploma for audiovisual art (University of Art and Design Offenbach / Main), lecturer (HfG Of / Paderborn), multimedia designer, illustrator, cartoonist, member of the KiX comic collectiv, published cartoons and comics (Eulenspiegel, Panel, Schritte) resident comic artist at Radio X program quaterly magazin, publisher and contributor for some Fanzines (80's and 90's), creator of Lars the Vortex (KIX), Nihilistic Liesel (self published), solo– and group exhibitions (Friedrich 19, Offenbacher Kunstansichten, Kunststudenten stellen aus, Kackcoufle (or however this bunch of freaks from Frankfurt called themselves back in the days...), short film director, editor (Mannheimer Schule, industriel movies), 2D animator, motion designer, radio host, DJ, performer (Seepferdefahrgaesteradioshow, Peek-Show, Radio X Frankfurt / Main), componist (Soundtracks, elektr. music) voice actor, musician (bands: Superstolk with T. Kauke, Gabberment with M. Laven), solo projects (7000 Arschgeigen, AllabamaLLamaalarmer, DJ Stress, Maurice Jaques, Sumpf Johnson...), , multimedia installations (Luminale, Silo, Welle Frankfurt, urban projects), author and illustrator for the Kinemalistik Filmmagazin (R.I.P.) etc.

Well, there ya go.

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