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Sascha Wüstefeld

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Born 1975 in Dresden. Lives and works as a professional comic book artist and illustrator in Berlin since 1997. Creator of the "SORGENFRESSER" (2008, with Gerhard Hahn) and of the "Der kleine ICE" (2011 - a kid's concept for the German Railways Deutsche Bahn, with Joscha Sauer). Together with Ulf S. Graupner, creator and artist of the comic book series "Das UPgrade" (Cross Cult). Until today - main illustrator of "Der kleine ICE" for the German Railways Deutsche Bahn). Further: 1997 - 2001, illustrator for MOSAIK. Developing comic book series "MAD SONJA" for the Walt Disney Company Italy in 2004 as well as "Lotta Überall" in 2006 for GEOlino magazine. Numerous illustrations for GEOlino up till now. 2008 - 2011, character designer & art director for the TV series "MIA & ME" (Hahn Film AG) and for the TV re-boot of "Lilli, the witch" (Trixter).