Matthias Wieland

Photo of Matthias Wieland
Photo of Matthias Wieland
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Matthias Wieland, born 1969, is a freelance editor and translator, presenter and comic reader. After studying in Hildesheim, he worked for Dino Verlag in Stuttgart, then returned to Hanover and became a freelance editor and translator more by chance ("Simpsons", "Peanuts", "Calvin and Hobbes", "Mumins", and many more), with occasional excursions into the world of the stage as a presenter or musician. Matthias Wieland has been presenting a programme about music ("Es ist doch nur Musik") and one about football ("Klub der roten Dichter") for some time - both on h1/Hannover TV. For some years now he has been lending his voice(s) to comic characters in public, in comic readings with music, for young and old.

Matthias Wieland with Carlsen