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Altchemnitzer Str. 64, 09120 Chemnitz
Tel. +49 / (0) 173 / 3513358

Hall BStand70

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Inspired by American comic books, TheNextArt has been publishing comics by German illustrators who find no place in the programmes of the major publishers since 2004. The diverse programme includes thrillers ("Die Ustica-Verschwörung" Michael Feldmann, "Touch" HOK Comics), end-time action ("Hades-Syndrom" Michael Feldmann), superheroes ("The Counselor", "Der Engel" Tomppa), sci-fi ("Enclave" Sascha Dörp) and many other artists. Over 200 comics, albums and artbooks have been published to date. Many comics are published with limited variant covers and blank sketch covers for collectors.