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Splitter Verlag


Detmolder Str. 23, 33604 Bielefeld
Tel. +49/(0)521/5211120
Fax: +49/(0)521/5211110

Fair Exhibitor

Our philosophy: extraordinary, mostly Franco-Belgian, but also German and US-American comic book stories, published as high quality editions and for an affordable price. That means: oversized hardcover books, bibliophile Collector's Editions, black-and-white artist's editions, integral editions of great classics, art books, and e-comics covering every genre and subject.

At Splitter, Moebius and Peyo, Rosinski and Don Lawrence, Jeff Lemire and Christophe Arleston, Stephen King and Kai Meyer, Lepage, Barbucci, Prugne and many more shake hands!