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© Rautie

Rautie – comic book creator, cartoonist, illustrator, painter, animator. He publishes his works in hand-copied underground comix as well as mainstream magazines, in books, films, visual-arts-projections, on record covers and as street art on all kinds of surfaces in the public sphere. There seems to be no field of the visual arts that he hasn't worked in. His paintings are shown in solo and group exhibitions in a variety of different locations – including bars and clubs, galleries, art museums and even graveyards! Using his comics and artwork he produces and distributes a series of immensely popular lifestyle and merchandising products. He also regularly holds comics and drawing workshops for children and adolescents. Comics have always been the main focus of his work since he was one of the artists and publishers of the legendary KiX comics magazine back in the early nineties. Up until today he's tied to some other KiX artists by close friendship and continuous collaborations. With writer Raul C.O. Kauke he created the series Willy the Kid and Familie Rappelr├╝be, with Torsten Kauke he is owner and manager of the publishing company KiX Verlag.