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Elizabeth Pich

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Elizabeth Pich is a German-American comic artist. After receiving her M. A. from the School of Fine Arts Saar and a degree in computer science, she decided to dedicate herself fully to making comics. During her studies, she founded the webcomic project "War and Peas", with her fellow student Jonathan Kunz. Today the comic has over 500.000 readers and has been translated into several languages. "War and Peas" has been listed by the Gesellschaft for Comicforschung as recommended reading, mentioning it as an example for "a new generation of webcomics". Pich is also the author of Fungirl, a saga starring the same-named protagonist and her akward attempts at coping with mordern life. The series originally started as a webcomic, accumulating a large online fanbase and is regularly brought to life at comic readings. Currently, Pich is working on a "Fungirl" book.