Guido Neukamm

Photo of Guido Neukamm
Photo of Guido Neukamm
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Born on 10 September 1963 in the Paul-Gerhard-Stift, Berlin-Wedding, whose gynaecology department was then immediately closed, Guido Neukamm lives and works in Berlin. At school, he was known for his hearty nature and his lousy maths grades. After a fulfilling degree in German studies, he spontaneously decided to earn an indecent amount of money. So he works for all kinds of agencies, labels, youth institutions and the Foreign Legion. During ceasefire on his secret missions to distant and exotic lands, he regularly publishes whimsical picture stories, for example in MAD magazine for over 20 years, in the "Gespenstergeschichten" and his own series "Biien der Schatten" and "Nocturnal Nemesis". He spends his exceedingly rare free time handling historically swords, making noise in two rock bands and organising illegal hamster races.

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