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Photo of Boris Koch
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Boris Koch grew up in the countryside and abandoned his studies of history and literature in favor of writing. He was a co-founder of the legendary Berlin reading stage "Das StirnhirnhinterZimmer" and is the author of numerous books, including the acclaimed "Drachenflüsterer-Saga" and the fairy tale-inspired dark fantasy novel "Dornenthron". In comics, he participated as a writer with a story in the "Die Toten" universe (Panini, drawn by Benjamin Höllrigl) and co-authored several short stories with cartoonist Klaus Scherwinski, which have appeared in "Horrorschocker" and the American "Heavy Metal Magazine," among others. "Die Schöne und die Biester" was his first complete comic album, based on one of his short stories, while "Das Schiff der verlorenen Kinder" was written exclusively as a comic scenario. Both works are drawn by Frauke Berger.

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