Berrin Jost

Illustration of Berrin Jost
Illustration of Berrin Jost

Limesstraße 53, 81243 München
Tel. +49 / (0) 176 / 57618633

Hall BStand87

Small Exhibitor

Berrin Jost lives and works as a freelance communication designer and illustrator in Munich. In 2010 she won the 5th place in the Manga Talents competition at the Leipzig Book Fair. In 2019, she independently published two new comics. The comic "Goji" is a collection of short funny strips about the family dog ​​Goji. The "Fitness Unicorn" is a story about Berrin's athletic avatar who spurs her on, annoys her, taunts her, and more. In 2020/21, drawing books for well-known cartoons and films followed, in cooperation with EMF Verlag.