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Gringo Comics' logo

Rossbergstr. 3, 73734 Esslingen
Tel. +49 / (0) 711 / 3167924

Hall AStand25

Fair Exhibitor

Gringo Comics is a small German independent publisher that has been publishing German-language cartoonists and authors for 30 years now, such as. Martin Frei ("Kommissar Eisele"), Rudolph Perez ("Commander Cork"), Haggi ("Der Hartmut"), Holger Bommer ("Kurt"), Bela Sobottke ("Rocco"), Holger Hofmann ("Kolkas"), Sebastian Sommer ("Battlecarrier Yuma", "Deduktion" ...), Thomas Baehr ("POL"), Stephan Hagenow ("Kommissar Fröhlich", "Rattenfalle"...) and many others. At our booth you can always talk directly with our cartoonists and authors and also get a signature.