Daniel Gramsch

Photo of Daniel Gramsch
Photo of Daniel Gramsch
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Daniel Gramsch, born in 1975, worked for the German edition of "MAD Magazine" for almost 20 years and contributed a large number of monster galleries and covers for the "Gespenstergeschichten". In 1997 he invented his heroine "Alina Fox", a master thief whose adventures have been published by Comicwerk since 2002 in booklet form, as anthologies and radio plays. As a co-founder of Comicwerk, an artists' platform on the Internet that has made it its task to make known and new authors and illustrators known to a broader public and publishers, he has also served as editor-in-chief since 2001. In addition to his work as a comic artist, author and colourist, he has studied film studies, journalism and English, is involved as an actor and manager in a "Rocky Horror Picture Show" shadow cast, is part of the weekly film podcast "Bahnhofskino" and generally has far too little sleep.


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