David Füleki

drawing of David Füleki
drawing of David Füleki
© David Füleki
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David Füleki from the Erzgebirge has been boosting the mangaka quota at the Comic-Salon for a decade and a half now. During this time, he has won the Comic-Duell, the ICOM Independent Comic Award and was nominated for the Max and Moritz Award. He has also been allowed to design the sticker album. At the booth of Delfinium Prints and by occasional cameo-appearances at other publishers and exhibitors, he tries to sell his few dozen books by any means necessary. He doesn't even recoil from singing or offering free graphics to reach his aim! Anyone who dares can even challenge him to a thrilling Beyblade duel. But note that the Comic Salon is not liable for occasional damages caused by the summonig of Bit-Beats, cataclysmic elemental attacks or any other special moves that disregard the laws of nature.

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