Lisa Frühbeis

Photo of Lisa Frühbeis
Photo of Lisa Frühbeis
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Lisa Frühbeis, born in 1987 and a Master's graduate from Augsburg University of Applied Sciences, is one of the most prominent protagonists of the young German comics scene. Her column "My 100 days of strangelife" reached a large readership on the internet and in the Berlin Tagesspiegel. The collection of columns was published in book form by Carlsen under the title "Busengewunder" and was awarded the Max und Moritz Award for the best German comic strip in the same year. Also in 2020, Lisa Frühbeis received the Bayerische Kunstförderpreis für Literatur. Lisa Frühbeis currently teaches at Macromedia Munich. She also works as a graphic recorder and creative coach. Her work has been presented in numerous exhibitions such as the Literaturhaus München (DE), the Brooklyn Art Library in New York (USA) and the Vasseau Moebius in Angoulême (FR). She lives in Augsburg.

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