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Ingmar Decker lives and works in Berlin. He was enthusiastic about drawing comics as a child, but forgot about it for a long time, only to rediscover it for himself after a few years. During the period of forgetting, he studied information science and computer science and worked in the Internet milieu for several years. He still does, but is devoting more time to drawing and writing again. His cartoons often revolve around the question "Oh, really?" and show it in its great diversity. Sometimes paired with astonishment, curiosity or joy, sometimes paired with disinterest, listlessness or ignorance. The question is not always answered. Yes, often it is not even asked! And yet it always resonates between the lines and brushstrokes. Publications: Cartoon books "Ach, echt?", "Ach, Mist", "Ach, so?" and "Ach, Gottchen" as well as cartoons in various magazines, anthologies and textbooks.

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