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E-Fachmagazin für Comic-Kultur, Cartoon & Bildgeschichte
c/o Martin Frenzel
Heidenreichstr. 39, 64287 Darmstadt
Tel. +49/(0)6151/3532218

Small Exhibitor

The Comicoskop, the german, digital e-magazine for comic culture, cartoons and graphic novels, is committed to the heritage of the artist Töpffer: Literature in pictures and the ninth art of graphic narration. We are a lobby for graphic literature and an independent internet magazine. The Comicoskop provides backgrounds, news and reviews, portraits, exhibition and festival reports, interviews - as well as investigative stories, which do not appear anywhere else. The COMICOSKOP was founded by Martin Frenzel in 2014. Daily news around comics are also available on our Comicoskop Facebook page.