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Thierry Capezzone

© Thierry Capezzone

Born in Lyon in 1963, Thierry has been living and working in Denmark since 1993. He initially worked for Spirou magazine, where he worked as an assistant on established titles such as Die Schlümpfe, agent 212 or Dein Freund und Helfer. In 2003, after a scenario by Jan Rybka, he started his own album serie H. C. Andersen Junior, of which five albums have appeared. In addition, he has created two albums for editions Carlsen for the Danish market with the famous bear Petzi. In 2011 he drew the short story Rocambole written by Francois Corteggiani, which also appeared in ZACK. In 2014 he designed a comic biography of the reigning Danish Queen Margrethe II, writing by Erik Svane. He has also drawn comics that tell from the older Danish history, such as Stygge Krumpen (2012) or Skipper Clement (2016)  about a captain who participated in the Danish civil war from 1534 to 1536 or the king and the munk about reformation in Denmark. He is present at the festival in 2018 to present his new album Petzi and the volcano, published by Carlsen Verlag. He will also be present at the Danish booth to represent the Danish comic.

www.thierrycapezzone.dkPetzi und der Vulkan bei Carlsen