Tina Brenneisen

Photo of Tina Brenneisen
Photo of Tina Brenneisen
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Tina Brenneisen, born in Dresden, studied psychology and philosophy at the TU Dresden and FU Berlin. She lives and works as a comicartist and cartoonist in Berlin and is the founder of Parallelallee, a small independent publisher of comics and illustrated literature. In 2017 she won the Comic Book Prize of the Berthold Leibinger Foundation for the work "Das Licht, das Schatten leert" (Edition Moderne 2019) and was nominated for the Max und Moritz Award in 2020. She is also the author of "Das gelbe Pony" (2017) and "Bergstraße 68" (2019, with Veronica Solomon) and in spring this year she published "True Stories", which was shown partly in its former version at Ludwiggalerie Schloss Oberhausen in the exhibition „Unveröffentlicht. Die Comicszene packt aus! Strips and Stories – von Wilhelm Busch bis Flix“.

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