Patrick Wirbeleit

Photo of Patrick Wirbeleit
Photo of Patrick Wirbeleit
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Patrick Wirbeleit, born 1971, writes and illustrates comics and children's books. His comic "Kiste" (with Uwe Heidschötter, Reprodukt) also received the Max und Moritz Award for "Best Comic for Children" in 2016. In addition to new "Kiste" adventures, Patrick Wirbeleit writes the "Haus Nr. 8" comic series drawn by Sascha Wüstefeld for Kibitz, among others. Carlsen Comics publishes his series about the teenage ghost hunter "Alan C. Wilder Ltd." (with Ulf K.), the second volume of which, entitled "Der Friedhof auf dem Hügel der Elfen", will appear just in time for the Comic Salon. Patrick Wirbeleit is regularly on the road with readings and workshops and lives with his family in a village near Buxtehude. 

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