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Photo of Birgit Weyhe
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Born 1969 in Munich, Birgit Weyhe lives in Hamburg today. After growing up in East-Africa she returned to Europe, where she finished her german philology and history studies before focusing on arts. In 2009 she received her diploma in illustration at the HAW Hamburg. avant-verlag published her autobiographical graphic novel "Im Himmel ist Jahrmarkt" (2013) as well as "Reigen" (2012). For her book "Madgermanes" she interviewed and researched the biographies of contractworkers from Mozambique in the former GDR. For this work she was awarded with the Comic-Prize of the Berthold Leibinger-Stiftung and with the Max and Moritz-Preis for "Best German Comic" in 2015/16. Her very first book "Ich weiß" was republished by avant-verlag in 2017. Together with Nigerian author Sylvia Ofili she released "German Calendar - No December". The book "Lebenslinien" published in 2020 is a collection of the Sunday pages previously published in the Berlin newspaper „Der Tagesspiegel". In January 2022 Birgit Weyhe was awarded the Lessing Scholarship and in March her latest book "Rude Girl" was published, the story of an African-American German studies professor with Caribbean roots who joins the skinhead movement in her youth and thus becomes a Rude Girl.

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