Daniela Schreiter

Photo of Daniela Schreiter
Photo of Daniela Schreiter
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Daniela Schreiter was born in the wild Berlin of the 1980s and has always explored the world around her with pen and paper. She drew her first comic at the age of four and has worked as an illustrator and comic artist since graduating. Daniela is on the autistism spectrum. Since her diagnosis, she wanted to draw a comic about what it's like to live, see and feel with this slightly different view of the world and its perception. She has done this in three "Schattenspringer" graphic novels so far and the children's comics "Autistic-Hero-Girl" and "Lisa and Lio". In addition, Daniela is also passionate about science and has been collecting interesting facts from natural science, space exploration and medicine for a long time and explains them in catchy and entertaining comic strips.


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