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Photo of Christian Schmiedbauer
Photo of Christian Schmiedbauer
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Christian Schmiedbauer alias Landrömer lives in Augsburg on the banks of the river Lech. As an instructor in the design section of the Fachoberschule Augsburg and as a freelance comic artist, he is a (graphic) storyteller. His Comic „Kauboi und Kaktus" is published regularly in the papers a3Kultur as well as Revolverblatt and is listed among the eleven best German web comics by Spiegel online. His comic book "Süßwasserpiraten" is published in book form by Jaja Verlag. At the Comic Salon, Schmiedbauer leads the workshop for teenagers "EARTH COMICS - Young Perspectives on Environmental Protection and Climate Change" in cooperation with the federal association of Deutsche Schreberjugend. Schmiedbauer is a representative of the network of humorous comic artists

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