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Matthias Schäfer

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Born 1970 in the Allgäu the artist and author Matt Schäfer (alias Captn) lives in Munich since 1994. He vistited a private art school (Freie Kunstwerkstatt München 1996-1999) wich he graduated with the comic album "Captn Crazy". Following publications in: Comicaze, Edition 52, Volk Verlag. For the magazin U-Comix he is drawing currently the onepagers "Super-Nerd" and "Captn Crazy". For years he is devoting himself to classical animation, parttime under the education from Disney veteran Greg Man-waring. He is also giving lectures on the american cartoons of the 30th and 40th in the Munich Werkstattkino. At this time he is working on the animation short "Captn In Crazyland".