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Photo of Franziska Ruflair
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Franziska Ruflair, born in 1991, studied communication design at the Mainz University of Applied Sciences with a focus on illustration and comics. With her bachelor's thesis, a graphic novel about family relationships, she was a finalist for the Berthold Leibinger Foundation Comic Book Award in 2016.
She works as a freelance illustrator and internationally sought-after graphic recorder in Mainz. Her debut "Adventure Huhn", the story of an adventurous chicken and her brave companion against her will: Susan the Caterpillar, was published by avant-verlag in autumn 2019. In it, readers are taken into an absurd world of fainting princesses, art events in castles and card-playing scoundrels, in which the adventure chicken has to pass several tests. In 2021, the sequel "Adventure Huhn - Das dunkle Herz des Waldes" (Adventure Chicken - The Dark Heart of the Forest) followed, in which they try to save a world that doesn't want to be saved and meet the reclusive bestselling author Madame Mafalda - who happens to be Susan's great idol.

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