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Photo of Felix Pestemer
Photo of Felix Pestemer
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Born in Braunschweig in 1974, he studied liberal arts in Berlin and illustration in Barcelona. Since then he has been working at the interface of both disciplines. His label Puttbill comprises picture book parables and narrative graphic series; the themes of transience, idealistic appreciation and the deterritorialisation of signs and symbols are at the centre of his artistic work. The research for his first graphic novel "Der Staub der Ahnen" (The Dust of the Ancestors) began as early as 2005/06 with a year-long research stay in Mexico; the last brushstroke took place in autumn 2011. Since then, "Im Auge des Betrachters" (2019, avant-verlag) a comic about the Alte Nationalgalerie in Berlin and "Alles bleibt anders" (2021, avant-verlag) about the history and stories of the Konzerthaus Berlin, among others, have been published. Pestemer lives with his family in Berlin.

Der Staub der Ahnen (avant-verlag, 2012)Im Auge des Betrachters (avant-verlag, 2019)Felix Pestemer's website