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Andreas Pasda

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Born in year one of the Berlin Wall (1961, of course) Andreas wanted to conquer the worlds of the children’s magazines "Atze" and MOSAIK. Following the best strategy and after taking an apprenticeship, he became a guardian at the door to fantasy, or in other words: doorman at the publishing house Junge Welt. Following this initial induction, his first comics were soon published in "Atze". His animal story "Piep und Tschiep" ("Peep and Cheep") and the adventure series "Arminius" were very popular. In February 1990, he started working for MOSAIK. In collaboration with Jörg Reuter and Jens-Uwe Schubert, he became a member of the art group Zonic whose "Wandlitz-Story" was published in the Carlsen album "Durchbruch" ("Breakthrough"). As well as this, his works often appear in fan magazines. From 1992 to 1994, he drew the daily "Abrafaxe" strips for the Super! newspaper, inked MOSAIK albums and the wonderful "Kleine Detektive" ("Little Detectives") series. These days he is an artist once again for the monthly MOSAIK comic.

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