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Photo of Katja Klengel
Photo of Katja Klengel
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Katja Klengel, born in 1988, is a German comic artist and screenwriter from Berlin. She studied art at the HfbK Dresden and screenwriting at the DFFB in Berlin. On Instagram she posts autobiographical diary comics under the title "Blattonisch". Early comics were published by Schwarzer Turm in 2012. In the same year, her 100-episode serialized comic strip "Als ich so alt war" was published in the F.A.Z. In 2017 she wrote and drew the feminist comic column "Girlsplaining" for online magazine Broadly, which in 2018 became a book released by Reprodukt, was translated into several languages, and awarded the Rudolph Dirks Award in three categories. In 2018 her F.A.Z. comic was published by Franco-Belgian publisher Casterman. In 2022, "Als ich so alt war" will finally be available as a German edition from Schwarzer Turm.

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