Drawing of Hugi
Drawing of Hugi
© Marcel Hugenschütt
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Several decades ago, tall Marcel Hugenschütt ("Hugi") trudged to placid Lower Saxony from his homeland Sweden directly through the Baltic Sea. Because he devastated numerous stretches of land, he has been outlawed by the Scandinavian people as "ond jätte", which means the evil giant. In his new homeland Germany, he was worshipped as a kind giant for taking care of the wastewater engineering in the greater area of Melle/Osnabrück. In his spare time, he draws wicked comics which led him to tribunals several times already, mostly because of themes like sexually very active fluffy toys and man-eating elephants. He can also just never make peace with Nazis and therefore collects numerous death threats from Attila Hildmann fans. Additionally, he cooks an excellent vegetarian cheese and leek soup.

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