Maximilian Hillerzeder

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Maximilian studies graphic design at the HGB Leipzig. He made a lot of comic strips for Jazam! and Mondo and his own daily blog "Hillerkillers Zeugblog". In 2015 he won the ICOM independent prize for his first book "Als ich mal auf hoher See verschollen war" (Edition Kwimbi). With his surreal graphic-novel "Maertens" (published 2018) he finally became a member of the Jaja club! With Edition Kwimbi there's three more books named "Als ich mal plötzlich in der Wüste gewesen bin" (2018), "Woraufhin ich einen Zeitreisenden traf" (2019) and the intermezzo "Das Blutschloss - Halloweenepisode" (2021). On top of all of this he's got his own small publishing company with Slinga & Zeder with which he published his outstanding book "Poison Paradise" about masculinity, crisis, the human body and sexuality and Christianity in 2021.

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