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Photo of Katharina Greve
Photo of Katharina Greve
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Born 1972 in Hamburg. Studied architecture at the TU Berlin. Her artistic work since 2001 includes several performances, installations, graphic and design works. Her comics oscillate between humorous scurrility and critical satire. In 2005, Katharina Greve began regularly writing short texts and drawing cartoons for the satirical magazine Titanic. Publications: Graphic Novel "Hotel Hades" (Egmont Graphic Novel, 2014), political comic series "Der Sonntagsfrager" (Berliner Tagesspiegel, 2011, under her moniker KA.GREVE), caricatures and cartoons in various newspapers and magazines, including FAZ, Tagesspiegel and Titanic.
In 2016, she received the Max und Moritz Prize for Best German-language Comic Strip for her internet comic strip "Das Hochhaus". In 2017, "Das Hochhaus" was published as a book by avant-verlag and became a bestseller. Further awards: ICOM Independent Comic Prize "Outstanding Artwork" (2010) for her comic debut "Ein Mann geht an die Decke", German Cartoon Prize (2010), Sondermann Promotion Prize for Comic Art (2013), second place in the Cartoon Competition of the German Mathematicians Association. For DAS MAGAZIN she reports every month from the bizarre world of "Princess Petronia".

Das HochhausDie letzten 23 Tage der Plüm (avant-verlag, 2020)