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Mario Bühling aka Maobul was born in 1975. Since he was a little boy, he's been enthralled by comics and was seen with a pencil at an early age. After doing some work for several magazines, he had success drawing the fantasy series "Gert & Grendil", themselves being two dwarves, and the slice of life webcomic-series "Katzenfuttergeleespritzer". Published work: horror anthology "Anders" (2013), "Tales from the Web" 1-3, "Stories" (2015), "The Order of Things" (2016), "Gert & Grendil – Dwarven Roommates" (2016), "KFGS Stories 2: Die Kammern des Schreckens" (May 2018), "Gert & Grendil 02 – Advanced Story Set" (2019), "Order of Things Part 2" (2021) all with Edition Kwimbi. Current projects: Since 2015 he's been publishing a thriller about murder, friendship and magic; "Ordnung – The Order of Things" and the fantasy series "Gert & Grendil" online.

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