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Titus Ackermann, born 1970 in Basel (Switzerland), is a founding member and editor of the comic magazine MOGA MOBO. He studied illustration at the Academy of Fine Arts, Stuttgart, and in Glasgow at the Macintosh School of Art. Since 1999 he has been living and working in Berlin, since 2000 in the MOGA MOBO studio with the other two MGMB creators Jonas and Thomas.
He works freelance for magazines, publishing houses and large advertising agencies as an illustrator and character designer and has developed the well-known children's book character "OLI", who has been making the journey shorter for little train passengers with his adventures for years. The 15 OLI PIXI books already published have a total circulation of over 2.5 million copies, and Moga Mobo has also published around 2 million booklets and books in 25 years. Titus Ackermann has won several prizes for his work, including the Max and Moritz Prize for the MOGA MOBO book "The 100 Masterpieces of World Literature". His work has been shown at several solo and group exhibitions, such as the "100 Best Posters", Bologna Childrens Book Fair and the Mori Museum Tokyo.

Titus Ackermann teaches regularly at AiD Berlin and gives workshops at home and abroad as part of the Goethe Institute or ASEF.

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