Zarter Schmelz. Lucky Luke Hommage

Cover Zarter Schmelz
Cover Zarter Schmelz
© Ralf König / Egmont

Zarter Schmelz. Lucky Luke HommagebyRalf König


Extract (German)

The Lonesome Cowboy is now 75 years old, holy shit! Probably because he switched from finger-snapping home-rolled to hand-pulled weed, he still sits in the saddle as elegantly as ever. All the more so when, for the second time already, he comes up against a German performer. Where Mawil put Lucky Luke on a bicycle three years ago, Ralf König now takes over. "Zarter Schmelz", the title of his homage, foreshadows what lies ahead. With his characteristic wit, Ralf König takes a gay look at Lucky Luke's Wild West and lets the man who was quicker ... remain the same, and true to his heterosexual disposition. Instead, Bud Willis, a mutton herd driver in the Bareback Mountains, tells how Lucky once helped him out of a jam. Back in Straight Gulch, when Cliff Hanger dressed him down as a "turnip". Bud still raves about his rescuer's slender neck: "You could just eat it! "He was a handsome guy," admits Bud's current beau. "But too skinny! No ass in his pants!" Admittedly - but Ralf König easily makes up for that elsewhere.