Eldo Yoshimizu

Photo of Eldo Yoshimizu
Photo of Eldo Yoshimizu
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Eldo Yoshimizu, born in Tokyo in 1965, specialised in sculpture during his studies at the Tokyo University of the Arts and installed numerous works in public spaces after graduating - some of them are among the most important sculptures in Japan. Numerous exhibitions followed, both in Japan and throughout Asia, which led him to a scholarship as "Artist in Residence" in New York in the mid-1990s. In the early 2000s, he realised the work "First Light" for the art and exhibition space of the Louis Vuitton branch in Omotesando. Feeling that he had satisfied his hunger in the field of contemporary visual art, he turned to gekiga manga and began to devote himself to the interplay of object and space in the art of storytelling. In addition, he works as a photographer and also as a musician. After the two-volume action thriller "Ryoko", Yoshimizu created "Gamma Draconis" (with author Benoist Simmat). With "Hen Kai Pan", Eldo Yoshimizu now presents a personal appeal - against the destruction of Mother Earth.

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