Cover Work-Life-Balance
Cover Work-Life-Balance
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Work-Life-BalancebyAisha Franz


Extract (German)

Welcome to the unattractive new work world of shoe-free offices, in which people toil creatively but earn poorly, of ghastly-chic art galleries, pizza couriers and trendy therapies (also offered online)! Four typical employees in this working world struggle to find their work-life balance - and find only frustration and precarity: Ceramicist Anita is a thwarted artist; sexually hyperactive start-up employee Sandra celebrates her banality in much-maligned MeTube videos; IT genius Rex delivers pizzas. The common point of reference is a therapist of dubious sensitivity. Their stories cross, tangle and unravel until everything is guaranteed to have tumbled out of balance. Clichés? And how! Aisha Franz exaggerates and dissects these stereotypes with satirical verve. Her narrative style is fast-paced, the drawings are stylised, dynamic, full of quirky details and wonderfully coloured. "Work-Life-Balance" is a rousing pleasure in which contemporary criticism, satire and the pleasure of storytelling are perfectly balanced.