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Willkommen im ZAM-Kreativlabor

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Thursday, June 16 2022
2:30 PM
4:00 PM
Venue: ZAM

Eintritt frei!

Workshops with the ZAM team - age 6+

Do you urgently need a superheroine mask for secret operations? The ZAM creative lab is the place for you! Use the felting machine to make a great headdress out of colourful pieces of felt. Are you more of a tinkerer? Then make a painting robot that can dance across the paper and leave the most crazy patterns. Or build an electronic game of skill out of wire and other materials. And who doesn't need cool T-shirts in summer? No problem: bring your own T-shirt to ZAM and print it with great motifs or your own drawings in the heat press.

Note: The offers may vary on a daily basis.