Wie es ist, anders zu sein

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Saturday, June 18 2022
2:00 PM
Venue: BildungEvangelisch

Steffen Volkmer in conversation with Daniela Schreiter

In her "Schattenspringer" graphic novels, the Berlin-based author and illustrator Daniela Schreiter raises awareness about autism in an affectionate, witty and well-founded way. She also does this in her comic book "Lisa & Lio - Das Mädchen und der Alien-Fuchs" - here, however, Daniela Schreiter presents the topic for a younger readership. This year, the volume was a finalist for the Max und Moritz Audience Award. In the talk followed by a book signing, Daniela Schreiter talks about her career and how she experiences the world as an autistic person.