Nacha Vollenweider

Photo of Nacha Vollenweider
Photo of Nacha Vollenweider
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Born in 1983 in Rio Cuarto, Argentina, in 2011 she graduated in Fine Arts at the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba. In 2013 she came to Hamburg with a DAAD artist scholarship to realize a comic project at HAW as a guest student under professor Anke Feuchtenberger. While still on exchange, she began her master's degree in design with a focus on illustration and comics. "Fußnoten" (Footnotes) is her final project, which uses experimental storytelling to tell about her experiences in Germany and her memories of Argentina. This project was among the finalists of the Berthold Leibinger Stiftung's 2016 funding award and was published by avant-verlag in 2017. In her current graphic novel " Zurück in die Heimat" ("Back to the homeland"), we follow the author on her journey via Brazil and Hamburg to her homeland and accompany her in her everyday life, traveling the country and sharing her encounters.

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