Cover Unschlagbar! 3
Cover Unschlagbar! 3
© Pascal Jousselin / Carlsen Verlag, Hamburg 2021

Unschlagbar!byPascal Jousselin

Translation: Marcel Le Comte


Extract (German)

At first glance, "Unbeatable!" may look like a typical funny story about a clumsy superhero. But in fact, Unbeatable is the smartest of all comic book heroes: His superpower comes from his ability to use the language of the comic itself to defeat the bad guys and protect the population. Unbeatably, he not only travels backwards, forwards and sideways through time and space, but also from panel to panel, from page to page. No panel edge, no paper, no page break can stop him. He is also able to send messages to his former or future self, and if necessary, save himself from a tricky situation with a mere page or panel jump. Pascal Jousselin plays virtuously with the language of comics and its self-reflexive potential. "Unbeatable!" is possibly the funniest and most playful meta-comic - comic theory translated into crazy stories. An enriching and empowering read for all readers from 7 to 77 and beyond, who love comics and believe in their superpowers.