Cover Tunnel
Cover Tunnel
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TunnelbyRutu Modan

Translation: Markus Lemke


Extract (German)

A motley crew of amateur Israeli archaeologists dig their way under the border fence into the West Bank, suspecting that nothing less than the Ark of the Covenant is there. Halfway through, however, they come across two Palestinians digging a tunnel in the opposite direction to smuggle food, people and weapons. A situation that could spark conflict, cooperation and comedy. With "Tunnel", Israeli comic author Rutu Modan succeeds in reducing the Middle East conflict to an illegal tunnel digging. In her internationally acclaimed graphic novels "Blutspuren" and "Das Erbe", Rutu Modan has already dealt with her homeland Israel in subtle, clever and always humorous ways. "Tunnel", however, is clearly more political and also more satirical. Modan collides contradictory personalities, convictions and agendas and thus stages a small theatre of Israeli-Palestinian madness.