Trip mit Tropf

Cover Trip mit Tropf
Cover Trip mit Tropf
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Trip mit TropfbyJosephine Mark

Kibitz Verlag

Extract (German)

Chance and a bit of luck help the wolf code to bring the wolf and the rabbit together. Thus begins this crazy road trip of these two, who could not be more different from eachother. Despite fleeing from the hunter, the wolf lovingly looks after his sick companion and caringly provides him with vital infusions. After all, the code commands it, and so it is beyond question! With wry humour and charm, Josephine Mark thrills us through car theft, bar fights, sinister motels and bear dens, metre-long medication plans and freezing cold nights. Will the two manage to outwit all adversity? And perhaps, in the end, will they become friends after all? "Trip mit Tropf" tries to show us how the difficult subject of illness can be dealt with in a warm-hearted, gentle and also highly amusing way. And it succeeds with flying colours!