© Janice Nadeau

Friday, June 17 2022
4:30 PM
Venue: Lamm-Lichtspiele

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Tickets: 9,–
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A short film programme curated by Birgitt Wagner and Waltraud Grausgruber

Animated films, directed by: Calí Dos Anjos, Charlotte Cambon, Renata Gasiorowska, Anne Isensee, Nari Jang, Janice Nadeau, Mai Nguyen, Diane Obomsawin, Karina Paciorkowska, Sarah Saidan, Klara Swantesson, approx. 65 min, General Audiences, original versions with English subtitles

As part of the exhibition "Vorbilder*innen – Feminismus in Comic und Illustration“, a cooperation with the TRICKY WOMEN/TRICKY REALITIES Film Festival from Vienna was established, whose directors have put together a diverse programme of feminist short films. Eleven filmmakers devote their animated films to very different topics such as transgender, abuse and first (lesbian) love, portray strong female personalities in history or confidently demand what they want from life.

Since 2001, TRICKY WOMEN/TRICKY REALITIES has taken place at the beginning of March around International Women's Day and offers a unique overview of animated filmmaking by Austrian and international filmmakers.