Cover Sunny
Cover Sunny
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SunnybyTaiyō Matsumoto

Translation: Martin Gericke


Extract (German)

In the autobiographically based manga "Sunny", Taiyō Matsumoto describes everyday life in the children's home "Star Kids". The barely controllable Haruo, the cheeky Miiko, the dreamy Megumu and the withdrawn Kenji live there. They are all in the home for different reasons; what they have in common, says one child, is that they are the children nobody wants. Fortunately, there is an unroadworthy Nissan 1200 Sunny on the grounds of the home. In this wrecked car, the children dream of a different life. Here they are car racers, cosmonauts, pop stars, and sometimes they just give in to their homesickness or longing for a family. Despite the individual dramas that have led the children to the home, "Sunny" is at no moment bleak. Matsumoto describes the life in the "Star Kids" home in a differentiated and truthful way, at eye level with the children. There is a beguiling and fragile balance of reality, poetry and dreams, of melancholy and happiness, solidarity and conflicts, homework and household chores.