Liv Strömquist

Photo of Liv Strömquist
Photo of Liv Strömquist
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Strömquist, a political science graduate born in 1978 in Lund, Sweden, is one of the most influential feminist cartoonists. In her books, she addresses social issues with a range of references from pop culture to the Bible. Her title "Der Ursprung der Welt" was published in German by avant-verlag in 2017 and deals with the social taboo of menstruation and the vulva. In "Der Ursprung der Liebe" (2018, avant-verlag), she explores patterns of relationships, taking her from 19th century prudery to Nordic goddesses, anti-romanticism, sociological theories, and psychoanalysis. The collection of short stories "I'm every woman" (2019, avant-verlag) addresses the myth of male genius by portraying history from a female perspective. "Ich fühl's nicht" (2020, avant-verlag) is a plea for love freed from the constraints of consumer society. Her current book, "Im Spiegelsaal" (2021, avant-verlag), deals with the "empire of images" described by philosopher Susan Bordo. In five essays, each approaching the subject from a different perspective, she examines how our perception of beauty has changed as a result. Liv Strömquist's social criticism is based on facts and combines irrepressible joy in linguistic wit and justified anger with her expressive drawings.

Im Spiegelsaal (avant-verlag, 2021)Der Ursprung der Welt (avant-verlag, 2017)Ich fühl's nicht (avant-verlag, 2020)