Edda Strobl

© Edda Strobl (Selbstauslöser)

Visual artist, exhibitions since 1991. Production of comics, drawings, collages, panel paintings; also implemented as flyers, posters and in publications; Music.
2000 Founding of TONTO-COMICS. Since 2001 operator of the same together with Helmut Kaplan, from 2003 also with Michael Jordan.
2007-2010 in the program forum of the Forum Stadtpark (Graz) as curator for comics and related art employed.
From 2002 increasingly involved in musical projects: most recently concertante mini productions and Concerts with the STROBLAK duo (Edda Strobl, Renate Oblak: electronics, voc., various instruments).
Teaching activities and workshops at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna (Institute for art of language); Graz University of Technology (Architecture, Institute for Contemporary Art)
Scholarships in London and Chicago.
Exhibitions and participation in exhibitions at home and abroad, publishes mainly at Tonto.

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