Sing a Bit of Harmony (JP 2021)


Saturday, June 18 2022
8:15 PM
Venue: Kulturzentrum E-Werk , Kino

Tickets: 9,–
with festival ticket: 7,–

Preview – Anime, Director: Yasuhiro Yoshiura, 108 min, General Audiences, original version with English subtitles

When mysterious Shion arrives at school, she quickly becomes very popular with her classmates. She is beautiful, athletic and can also sing beautifully. Satomi, on the other hand, is a loner and Shion makes her happy by serenading her in front of the entire classroom. But Satomi soon figures out Shion's secret: she's actually the prototype of a new kind of android. A bond develops between the two girls, and Satomi and her friends must prove that Shion is more than just a terrifying machine.

As part of the Comic Film Fest, a preview of the film can be seen before the official German release at the end of July.