„Sie“ in der Demokratisierung Taiwans: Comiczeichnerin Lao Qiong (1953–2008) und ihr Comic Sie (1990)

Saturday, June 18 2022
12:00 PM
Venue: Kollegienhaus, KH 1.011

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Lecture by Yun-Jou Chen (Mainz)

Lao Qiong's comic "She" is a cartoon collection from 1990 that is rarely seen in the Chinese-language comic scene. At that time, democratisation was in full swing in Taiwan, including a wave of women's movements and the founding of several women's groups. The comic "She" was not only created by a female cartoonist, but also deals with topics that are almost never dealt with in a humorous way in Taiwanese cartoons: Marriage, homosexuality, unemployment, women in politics, the relationship with the PRC from a women's perspective, etc. Reading "She" today serves as an interesting review of the role of women in the early days of Taiwan's democratisation.

Moderated by Clemens Heydenreich

Presented by Gesellschaft für Comicforschung (ComFor e. V.)